In this groundbreaking new book, Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle take on the topic of hell and our eternal destiny, with a sense of humility and a deep respect for the inspired Word of God. They will address questions such as "Will everyone be saved?" and "Does God Get What He Wants in the End?" as well as reviewing in depth, everything Jesus said about Hell.

"This book is a model of careful biblical scholarship, providing fresh light from the Jewish context of the New Testament.  They also write as pastors seeking to provide wisdom for ministry, enabling the people of God to embody the love of God for the world."
--Timothy Gombis, Associate Professor of New Testament,
Grand Rapids Theological Seminary

"Francis and Preston accurately and clearly reflect the biblical teaching on heaven, hell and the eternal destiny of everyone who ever lived. They provide a timely reminder that we don't define God, but he reveals himself to us in the pages of Scripture."
- Tremper Longman, Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies,
Westmont College

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